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  SnoopFree Privacy Shield 1.0.5 for Windows XP is here!!!

Are you being spied on?  The sad truth is that you could be!  It's true...  Spy software is everywhere these days.  It's very easy for someone to install UNDETECTABLE spy software on your computer.  Spy software often records everything you do on your computer...  Everything you see on your screen and everything you type on your keyboard can be saved by these programs for later viewing by the people that installed the spy software...  Some spy software even records your e-mail and chat conversations and sends them to the spy for immediate review!

Who might be spying on you?  In many cases it's a suspicious wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend that does the spying.  In fact, snooping on your significant other has become quite commonplace in today's world.  Many spy programs are marketed directly to people that want to have "peace of mind" about what their partner is doing online...  Spying is not limited to your partner either.  Employers are using spy software to watch their employees... Children are using spy software to watch their parents...  Hackers are using spy software to steal credit card numbers... Governments are using spy software to watch their citizens!  This madness has to stop!

I believe that privacy is your God-given right!  Nobody has the right to spy on you, me or anyone else.  That's exactly why I created SnoopFree Privacy Shield...  I wanted to create a powerful privacy protection system to put a stop to spy software once and for all!  SnoopFree Privacy Shield will give you the power to control your online privacy like no other product.  This product will turn your computer into an impenetrable fortress that no spy software can break into.

You may have heard of spy software scanners before...  SnoopFree Privacy Shield is not another scanner product.  It's a powerful shield that guards your keyboard, screen and open windows from all spy software.  The way it works makes it virtually impossible for any spy program to work on your computer.  I've got nothing against spy software scanners... but they do have some serious problems that make them a bad choice if you're serious about privacy.  The biggest problem is that they only detect spy software that they've been told about.  This is a critical risk because you can be infected with spy software that your scanner does not know about!  SnoopFree Privacy Shield's unique protection works against all spy software in real time...

If you decide to download the FREE software...  I recommend that you test it out with some of the shareware spy software that's available on the Internet.  Here's a few links to such software that you can try today... or, if you prefer, simply type "shareware spy software" into your favorite search engine and try any of them.  We work against them all!

SpyTech SpyAgent  Keyboard Spectator  Family Keylogger  PC Activity Monitor  SpyBuddy

I take care of my users!  I provide free, professional and courteous support to everyone that downloads our products.  I truly want to you have the very best in privacy protection.  I also provide free updates for as long as you own my software.  I will do everything in my power to make sure the software works well for you and I listen when my users speak to me...  You won't be hung out to dry when you use my product.

Best of all, it's FREE! That's incredible to pay nothing for this level of privacy protection.  Many competitors charge $50... and their products are less effective.  The software is free to download and use, so what do you have to lose? 

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